Best Building energy management system for commercial buildings in Ohio

presentation Discovery & Engineering

Our team provides the best building energy management system. During the discovery phase, we at TerraOne Engineering will audit each type of equipment and even look at the motor's efficiency and condition, holes, and leaks throughout the system. Our team also looks at the sequence of operations that occurs within the process. Our team will go through every piece of equipment of your facility, discovering where energy is being lost, and engineer a solution that meets your ROI and capital budget plans. We are one of the best Energy Consulting firm in Ohio.

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TerraOne Engineering has integrated proprietary systems into their building energy management system (BMS) or process automation network. We also work with a variety of software companies to integrate not only hardware equipment, but software packages as well. We provide the best building energy management system in Ohio.

Some of our experiences include integrating a building automation system (BAS) into a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), and set up the integration so that preventative maintenance workorders are initiated based on runtime hours, as opposed to a preset timeline. Integration possibilities are nearly endless; let us show you how we can integrate Building energy management systems into one platform.

Network infrastructure and Security

Today, networks are the heart of our everyday lives. Whether it’s surfing the internet on your phone, tablet, Mac, or PC, we use a network. The same is true for our client’s building management systems (BMS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks. Our engineers work with our client’s IT departments to create a robust and secure network utilizing the state of the art technology and protocols; all without interfering with the performance of the controllers and equipment on the network. With Industrial Internet of Things become more and more popular and an integral part of the manufacturing, security should always be concern, but rarely fully implemented. Allow our engineers at TerraOne Engineering show you how to ensure your networks are as secure as possible.

Facility Monitoring Energy monitoring system

analytics Facility Monitoring

We provide constant monitoring of your equipment, look for the first signs of energy inefficiencies, and address the proper solutions to minimize downtime and maintenance costs. With continuous monitoring, future mechanical problems become more manageable and less costly while keeping energy costs and consumption to a minimum. TerraOne Engineering is an energy consulting firm offers 24 hours a day monitoring services for its clients.

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Building Energy Management System
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processOur Discovery & Engineering Process

TerraOne Engineering does help in evaluating electric, water, natural gas as well as other utility consumption. We also establish shared goals to render solutions that are unique to the client's business that is based on their production, maintenance, and administrative needs.


We promote a safety oriented environment, and work within each client’s established safety program.


We provide education on how individuals can help promote energy savings and efficiencies, as well as equipment and system training for our clients.

Project Documentation

We provide a detailed report of where the energy losses were found, and a solutions package ready to implement.

Project Execution

TerraOne Engineering becomes each client’s construction manager to ensure all work is performed safely, accurately, and on time.

Commissioning Documentation

Every aspect of the renovation process will require a thorough commissioning process before any work will be accepted.

Cultural Change

We support educating individuals and groups on how all of us needs to be aware of climate change and how we can improve our environment.


Not only do we audit the performance of each piece of equipment and the facility itself, but we also evaluate the preventative maintenance program, and integrate the building energy management system into the computer maintenance management system.

Significance of Facility MonitoringWhy We Provide Facility Monitoring?

Facility Monitoring System monitors critical manufacturing processes, ensures regulatory compliance, and increases product yield. It helps in integrating control systems in both function and building and also into the maintenance management system. It ensures preventative maintenance programs are in place and accurate for each piece of equipment. We at TerraOne Engineering energy consulting firm also provide expert consultation regarding new technologies and strategies. We can even assist with the design of new equipment and building designs. We are a team with the best building energy management system.

Facility Monitoring System